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Berfa Shop is an nationwide internet marketing team leading for l5 chocolate, pro9, skinourish matcha collagen and ioio, we are accepted order from west and east, singapore based on condition package.

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Berfa Shop is an nationwide internet marketing team leading products for l5 chocolate, pro9, skinourish matcha collagen and ioio.

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Do Your Own Work, Life etc And You Still Can Earn Money When Promote Our Product?
How To Start? Interested? You can contact us at this page, or you can direct PM at Our FB Official Page - Berfa Shop
How We Earn and Work it :
1. You have choice not need to keep stock.
2. You have choice not need go out send your order goods.
3. You have choice not need packaging the order goods.
4. You have choice to earn more than RM8000 by monthly based your work affort.
5. Some agent simple sitting on home, earn monthly from RM3000 - RM5000 without keep stock, go outside.
Berfa Shop Product Description :
1. L5 Chocolate - Slimming body and loss weight product.
2. Skinourish - The beauty skin care and health care product.
3. Pro9 - The new legend product for full healthy.
4. ioio - The women beauty and perfect breast product
5. Mocha Of Love - Enjoy your daily mocha and the same time lose weight.
6. Nuvida Series Soap - Support our 100% local pure hand made soap.
7. Berfa Shop More Series Product - You can Visit at This Partnership FB Official Page Too - Berfa Tan
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如何赚钱与运作 :
1. 你可以选择不要囤货。 
2.  你可以选择无需出门亲自送货。
3.  你可以选择无需亲自做订单货物包装。
4.  你可以选择在一个月里赚取超过RM8000收入,看你如何努力与学习与认真。
5.  一些代理在我们BERFA SHOP组织证明了,一个月赚取RM3000至到RM5000无需囤货,无需出门送货。
陈安妮美商店产品基本认识解说 :
1. L5 Chocolate - 网络最热卖的瘦身产品
2. Skinourish抹茶胶原蛋白 - 让你肌肤更亮丽与健康。
3. Pro9- 让你更健康与排毒排便排油。
4. ioio - 女生性感与美丽丰胸产品
5. Mocha 一种摩卡在你享受期间还可以瘦身
6. Nuvida Soap 100%纯天然本地手工皂
7. Berfa Shop产品 - 我们更准备了不同品牌与产品种类,你可以参考我们的伙伴专页 - Berfa Tan

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