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Berfa Shop is an nationwide internet marketing team leading products for l5 chocolate, pro9, skinourish matcha collagen and ioio.

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This page show all the pass and current of event, activities and promotion for the following products :
1. L5 Chocolate Slimming Your Body
2. Skinourish Matcha Collagen
3. Pro 9 Improve Your Health  
4. ioio enhanced women breast
5. Mocha Of Love which is mocha diet coffee lose weight program
6. Nuvida Series - Soap which is 100% pure local hand made soap
Current Events, Activities And Promotion :

2015 Events, Activities And Promotion :
2013 Events, Activities And Promotion :
  • 2013 March New Promotion (end)
  • 2013 Chinese New Year Promotion Package "L5 Chocolate 4 Boxes + Skinourish 2 Boxes", date close is 2013 February 19th.
2012 Events, Activities And Promotion :
  • 2012 Christmas Promotion Package For L5 Chocolate, Skinourish, date close is 2013 January 5th.

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